Palimar Weimaraners

Palimar Weimaraner Puppy Application

The following questions are intended to give us some insight on you, your family and your life style so that we will be able to help you find the right puppy. This application does not constitute a sale of a puppy nor will it guarantee that one will be sold to you. Our puppies are sold only to thoroughly screened, pre-approved homes that will best ensure the puppy's health and happiness throughout its lifetime. 

Please feel free to ask questions about us, this application, our contract, puppy availability, training techniques, etc. at any time. 


Thank you for your interest in a Palimar Weimaraner! 


Palimar Puppy Application

I am primarily looking for a (check the one of most importance)

Who would be responsible for the puppy?

Type of employment

Spouse's type of employment

How long would the Puppy be home alone?

Is this puppy a gift?

What are you living arrangements?

Do you have a yard for the dog?

Will you be willing to crate your puppy?

Will you be spaying/neutering your puppy?

Will you allow a home visit before purchasing a Palimar Weimaraner?

We work hard to prove that our dogs are capable, versatile companions. We offer guidance for all of our puppy people so that they too can achieve success with their pups

Please indicate any area that you might be interested in with your pup.

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