Hello everyone! We have made the "big move" to the official puppy pen. We have designed this pen to most effectively encourage paper training by separating sleeping areas from feeding and evacuating areas. You can see pictures of the new set up under Week 3 in the photo album. Pretty much it is an X-large crate with a blanket hooked up to a very large pen with papers in it. They are doing very well for their age and will be even more excited when we graduate them to going outside (Week 5). The pups will sleep in this pen for the remainder of their stay with us and will be let out often for outside time and socializing. 

Liberty is allowed 90% access to the puppies through a partial door in the pen. The only time she isn't allowed in there is when they are eating their tasty mash. Thats right, they are currently cutting teeth and are able to eat semi-solid foods. They still try to nurse, but as you can imagine Libby is not to compliant (puppy teeth are sharp!). The pups have a few small toys with them - rattle balls, soft squeekers, a baby kong and other rubbery toys to help with the teething.

 Corky  (no relation)  still isn't sure what to make of the pups, but has determined that they definitely must play with her. She spends a lot of her time following them from the other side of the pen and is entranced when they speak to her. She barks at them and playbows, but for the most part they just ignore her. It is hilarious to see!

Also, we have posted new photos to the weimiegurl youtube account. Please search weimiegurl to view them!