Liberty and family are doing well! Puppy tails have almost all healed up and Libby's mastitis is history. The tiny terrors have recently opened their eyes and are very vocal as they wander around the pen. Speaking of the pen, we have expanded the walls to accomodate the growing size of the pups. Libby was having a hard time finding a place to lay down amid the masses so a few extra feet should help. Eventually they will be moved to a larger pen set up to start potty training, but for now they'll stay put. 

Puppy teeth are beginning to erupt and the pups are gnawing on the bottles. We are still supplementing feed since there are so many mouths. Poor Libby will lay down and be emptied in a matter of a few minutes. We alternate feeding them via bottle and having them lap the mixture from a saucer. It won't be long now :)