The pups are keeping us on our toes! They are all well and very snotty, driving Libby nuts. Birds are very cool and we all plaster the pen to follow them. Unfortunately the wing is no where near as interesting as live birds. 

They have also made quite a fort out of our deck. The little buggers have a grand time running in and under and chasing each other around the "clubhouse." We didn't mind, really, until they decided to stop coming out from under there! They will be in for a big surprise tomorrow when they find all the entryways blocked.

We have also updated our pen situation. The pen is now divided into 3 sections: a crate for sleeping, a patch of linoleum for play, eating and drinking and a, for the lack of a better term, litter box for them to do their business in. I was quite skeptical about this layout, but optimistic  since changing papers is no easy task. After a bit of tasting, the pups quickly found the litter (Equine Fresh Chips) was not palatable and with a bit of praise it did not take long before they were going exclusively on the chips. We may never use papers again!