This past week was their first outside and boy are they loving it! Aside from one rainy day, the weather has been very cooperative and we have spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors and potty training. So long as we are able to offer the pups the opportunity to potty outside, they do the majority of their business in the yard. Overnight and when we are at work are different stories, but the pups are actively seeking out papers when they aren't able to go out. 

Everyone is on dry food now (Purina Pro Plan Performance) and they eat and guzzle down water like racehorses. In fact they are getting about 18 cups of food daily (there are eleven of them!) and we have had to dig out the big waterer since they sucked the little one dry last night.

The pups saw their first quail on Wednesday (leftover from working the big dogs) and went nuts! A few grabbed the recently dead quail and proudly carried it around as if awaiting applause. Those that didn't get that chance had their little sniffers to the ground and chased down feathers with tails wiggling like crazy. Soon we will graduate to the wing and penned quail. 

Libby has determined that they are big enough to play and tries very hard to initiate play. Unfortunately for her, the pups will all gang up and tackle her to nurse :) Sometimes she humors them, but for the most part, she just gets up and moves away - watching them from the safety of the futon. She is still a little nervous and protective and will panic if a pup is missing. She has indicated "puppy" at the both the credenza and the futon when wayward puppies have holed up beneath them for a nap. She anxiously whines and paces until we get the "timmy is stuck in the well" hint (Lassie reference) and rescue the youngster. 

All in all everyone is looking good! Sorry for the lack of pictures, the camera disappeared for a short time. We have it back now, so will be snapping away for next week :)