Palimar Weimaraners

Palimar's HRH Snaggletooth, JH



In her day, Princess was a true all-breed competitor blowing away the judges during her derby career. She completed her derby dash by taking 2nd in the National Derby and 4th in the National Futurity while heavily pregnant with an accidental litter. 

Due to an auto accident, Princess did not return to the field after her derby days, but made an excellent companion and pest controller. It was often that she and her mother Rosie would bring us rabbits, opossums, skunks and whatever else dared enter the yard. They once brought us a very confused box turtle that happened to wander under the wrong tree and we are only now seeing the return of the squirrel population. Princess was later bred to the dog who won her Futurity and Derby year, giving us Murphy

Princess easily adapted to life as a couch potato and personal hunter and currently lives a life of luxury between couch time and the bed pillows. Like her parents, and to our pleasure, Princess is pushing the boundaries of old age. We are looking forward to much more time with this old girl.

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