“Palimar N Jax’s Kiss Mya Wigglebutt NSD”

(2xNAFC FC AFC Questfound’s Bottle Rocket x Palimar’s HRH Wigglebutt SH, NSD, NRD)


Mya, sister to Bri, is another one of the only 3 Rocket pups. We hadn’t planned to keep more than one, but this little girl just weaseled her way into staying! Despite her super high drive, Mya was a late bloomer with regard to the bird field. Her focus on people is stronger than most weims and has the highest work ethic out of all of our dogs (and that is saying something!). While she matured, Mya excelled in obedience and rally training, requiring minimal effort to achieve outstanding results. When the lightbulb finally clicked in the field, Mya demonstrated intensity and run that, to this day, rivals Bri.  Just like their dam Murphy, these girls are a beauty to watch and never fail to produce game.

FETCH is Mya’s absolute favorite game and it is guaranteed that she’ll be the last to quit. Think you’re done? That’s fine, she’ll just bounce the ball off of you and keep playing! Nothing like a slimy toy to the face at 3 am either! We’re not sure exactly how far we will go with this gal in competition, but she sure is a heck of a meat dog and highly entertaining at the end of the day.

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